Judy Kriger and mediaGarden Animation specialize in developing and producing animation and motion design for feature films, TV shows, commercials, and games. Her credits include:  Antz, South Park, and Doughboy commercials and she is currently developing patient-centered interaction design and animation for iOS devices. Ms. Kriger also teaches introductory through advanced 3D animation and visual effects production courses to both undergrad and graduate  film students.



With the development and accessibility of animation tools and techniques, filmmakers are blurring the boundaries between documentary filmmaking and animation.

Animated Realism presents animation techniques as they apply to the documentary genre with an inspirational behind-the-scenes look at award-winning animated documentaries.



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Souvenir is a hand-drawn animated film which explores immigration from my grandparents' point-of-view and goes back and forth in time between past and present and memory and reality.

This film was funded in part by a grant from the Women In Film Foundation.

2010, Director

Total Run Time 3.5 minutes

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem, Israel

Ashkenazi Film Festival, Toronto, ON

RISD/Los Angeles Show

SUNY Faculty Show, Alfred, NY

Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Toronto Jewish Film Festival

San Diego Jewish Film Festival

Northwest Film and Video Center/ASIFA NW, Portland

Resonance International Animation Festival, Vermont

Florida Film Festival

Arts Alive Festival, Ottawa, ON

American Film Institute, Los Angeles Film Festival

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles

Women in the Director's Chair, Chicago

International Festival of Films by Women Directors, Seattle, WA

CITY TV, Santa Monica, CA, broadcast

American Film Institute/Women In Film Festival, Los Angeles

New City Theatre, Seattle, WA

Sinking Creek Film Celebration, Nashville, TN, Cash Award

Athens International Film Festival, Finalist

Black Maria Film and Video Festival, Director's Choice Award

Women In Film Foundation Finishing Fund, Grant Recipient


The Torah is the central document in Judaism. How have the words of the Torah been kept alive over the years?


Write For Yourselves focuses on the process of creating a Torah scroll so that its words are accurately preserved from generation to generation.


This project features interviews with Reform and Orthodox scribes, including the first woman known to ever write a Torah.


2008, Director, Co-Writer

Total Run Time 50 minutes


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